Conveying that which leads to success

  • Training and seminars have not produced the results that you hoped for?
  • Participants did not feel like their needs had been met?
  • Acquired skills were quickly forgotten?
  • Your people have not been able to understand the significance of training and seminars up to now?

You would like to have knowledge more easily implemented in everyday practice? And you would like your staff to be actively involved in this process?

Our training and seminars do not only provide your staff and supervisors with scientifically sound knowledge; they will be provide them with the opportunity to exercise and reflect on respective key competencies and possibly a change of behaviour – while keeping available resources and opportunities in mind at all times. And of course, tailor-made to meet your requirements and goals.


  • Increased self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Change in terms of behaviour as well as attitude
  • Competencies are expanded, become visible and have a lasting effect 

What are your requirements and goals? Ask us and find out which seminar is appropriate for your supervisors and staff.

Our seminars and training sessions are inter-disciplinary and contain all the key qualifications. This A to Z list includes all the contents which we have provided to our clients during the past years:

  • Attitude works, mixed age teams, annoyances, arguing, selection interview, time out, applications, ask, appraisals, addiction
  • Boundaries, , bio structure analysis, brain power, business Knigge, burnout, business administration, the best years, body language, balance in life
  • Change, change management, charisma, coaching, conversation traps, conversational skills, career development, communication, complexity, conflict management, customer orientation, creativity, crisis, criticism, cultures, complaint management, convincing
  • Delegating, dialogue management, diversity, decision-making, dealing with frustration
  • Effectiveness, emotional intelligence, energy, ethics, evaluations,
  • Feedback, feed forward, fit for ..., fitness management, flow, formulate, find solutions
  • GPOP memory, growth
  • Healthy leadership, health, happiness, high potentials, humour,
  • IDEAL² principle™, image, innovation, Insights Discovery, inspiration, intercultural, intuition,
  • Job + family ...
  • Knigge
  • Life quality, learning techniques, life balance, lateral leadership, learning leadership,
  • MBTIplus, mediation, meetings, monastery, memory techniques, methodical expertise, mid-life crisis, moderation, motivation, meaning
  • NLP, saying No, negotiating
  • Order,
  • Personality, performance evaluation, philosophy, project management, power talk, presentation, price negotiations, professional appearance, psychology, psychosomatic, pyramid principle, pit stop
  • Qualification for ..., quality control, 
  • Reiss profile, resilience, rhetoric, repartee, relationship management, relaxation
  • Self-management, self-marketing, service orientation, simplicity, simplify, situational leadership, Six Sigma™ of reasoning, small talk, stress management, social intelligence, systemic knowledge, sales, specialist or supervisor, success, self-perception and perception of others
  • Team, team collaboration, telephoning, TMS, train-the-trainer, tension areas, transactional analysis, typologies, trouble-makers, time skills, time management, time ecology, targets
  • Understanding,
  • VICKTORY™ principle, virtual teams, vision, visualizing, increasing visibility, values
  • Who am I?, the weaker self, work-life-balance, work organization,
  • XXL ...
  • Young professionals,
  • Zenith


  • 40 plus, 50 plus, 60 plus,
  • 100 days as a leader.

And... what is the topic of your choice?

The individual seminar topics can be categorized according to these competence areas:

  • Leadership competence
  • Communication competence
  • Self-management competence
  • Health competence
  • Team competence
  • Conflict-solving competence
  • Methodical competence
  • Change competence
  • Personality competence

Almost all the seminars and training sessions mentioned here are available in English and French with "native speakers".

Furthermore, seminars and training sessions are also provided in Spanish. In Russian, Czech and Slovak they are also provided with the help of simultaneous interpreters.

We are happy to advise you!