Change Management Leading through change – Recognizing and overcoming obstacles

01.12.2017 - 02.12.2017, Raum Karlsruhe

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. The systemic perspective therefore does not only observe the individuals but also their environment and the interactions of single elements.

It also makes us aware of the fact that each of us – more or less consciously – creates their own sense of reality. These constructions also govern our actions, particularly during change processes.

In this seminar you will get to know and learn to use the 7 theses of systemic leadership. Practical experiments open up new perspectives on “reality”, in order to gain a better understanding of your own way of thinking and acting.

  • Knowledge and application of systemic leadership
  • Understanding and shaping change
  • Dealing constructively with irrational elements
  • Clarity and self-confidence about your own role
  • Deductions for leadership architecture
  • Introduction to systemic leadership
    Circular-causal instead of linear thinking
    Influences instead of causes
    Not completely planable and controllable
    Complexity matrix
    Emergent patterns
    Change processes have irrational elements
    Differentiation between change management and project management
  • Change management basics
    Not every change requires change management
    Reasons and objectives: Speed, identification, participation, success
    Change phases
    Psychology of change
    Transitions from stability to structure
    Formation of patterns
  • Shaping change processes
    Steering architecture of change processes
    Instruments for process steering
    Leaps and loops
    Action und reaction
    The courage to experiment
    Decisions within the process
    Communication processes
  • Change architecture
    Successful change processes require communication
    Objectives and adaptation
    The role of “setbacks”
    Change requires stable breakpoints
    Participation, identification
    Security, trust
    Knowledge helps
  • Change and the risk of regression
    The emotional side of change
    Resistance and dealing constructively with it
    Causes, dimensions and overcoming obstacles
    Fear, guilt and aggression
  • Challenges, ambivalence and contradictions
    Role and duty of leaders in change processes
    The time factor
    Pressure and counter-pressure
    Detours and reaching the goal
    Steering or sailing?
    Control and self-management
    Patience and impatience
  • Success factors for change processes
    10-point program for successful change processes
  • Interactive impulses from psychology as well as leadership and complexity research
  • Experience-oriented change learning projects
  • Real life case studies
  • Individual, pair and group work
  • Dialogues and exchange of experiences
  • Plenary reflection, discussions and reflecting teams
  • Short Mind&More exercises for brain-friendly work
  • Checklists and guidelines
  • Application of metaphors, symbols and storytelling
  • Transfer planning
  • 1280.00 € (plus VAT)
  • Participation in seminar
  • Seminar handouts in M2M file
  • Conference package (conference room, lunch and 2 coffee breaks)

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  • 01.12.2017 - 02.12.2017
  • Raum Karlsruhe
  • 2 days (10.00 – 17.30, 8.30 – 16.00)
  • 1.280.00 € (plus VAT)

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