My self-conception as a leader Duties and roles

08.12.2017 - 09.12.2017, Karlsruhe

Leadership duties provide us with a challenge. This is why it is important to become familiar with the leadership “terrain“: For instance, it is a matter of recognizing contradictions and to accept these, to be clear about how to deal with your own role as a leader and to develop your own leadership skills.

Based on “systemic leadership“, classic leadership challenges will be simulated in this seminar and the necessary leadership tools will be trained. You will expand your social and methodical skills and extend your hands-on know-how.

You will acquire the tools for successfully assuming your future leadership duties. The foundation for your leadership success has been laid!

  • Awareness of the sandwich position as a leader
  • Going from an employee to a leader: Confrontation with the (new) leadership role
  • Getting to know leadership tools
  • Appropriate leadership style
  • More confidence in leadership matters
  • Change of perspective
  • Being familiar with duties and new roles as a leader – making a decision
  • Introduction
    Leadership metaphors
    Systemic levels of leadership
    Leadership acronyms
  • Leadership dilemmas
    Dilemmas of leadership
    Personal decision for leadership
    “The breakthrough”
  • Basics of leadership
    Authority and Acceptance
    Management vs. leadership
    Influencing factors for leadership success
    Ratio of professional and leadership duties
    Factual and personnel duties
  • Experience-oriented learning project (1)
    Instruction and preparation
    In-depth inputs
  • The leadership cycle
    Leadership tools
    Versatility of tasks
    Leadership communication:
    Non-verbal, feedback, goals, questions, listening, perceiving etc.
  • Classic leadership tools…
    Agreeing on goals
    Developing staff
  • … and new leadership duties
    Generating meaning, creating learning fields and effective relationship management
    People need purpose
    Encouraging self-organization
    Motivation and demotivation
  • Experience-oriented leadership project (2)
    Practical leadership learning project
    Feedback of role groups amongst each other
    Purpose, feedback, encouraging self-organization
    Different employee types
    Working out personal deductions for your leadership responsibility
  • Situational leadership: Maturity and leadership style
    Maturity level 1: Instruction / guidance
    Maturity level 2: Selling / coaching
    Maturity level 3: Participation / support
    Maturity level 4: Delegation / observation
  • 15 theses for leadership 
  • Practical training
    Working on individual issues and objectives
    Working on case studies
    Transfer planning
    Most important insights
  • Transfer planning and implementation
    Open questions
    Next steps for implementation in day-to-day work life
    Practical transfer tips
    Ensuring implementation
  • Interactive impulses from psychology, leadership and complexity research
  • Experience-oriented learning projects
  • Case studies
  • Individual, pair and group work
  • Dialogues and exchange of experiences
  • Plenary reflection, discussion and reflecting teams
  • Short Mind&More exercises for brain-friendly work
  • Checklists and guidelines
  • Application of metaphors, symbols and storytelling
  • Transfer planning
  • 1,280.00 € (plus VAT)
  • Participation in seminar
  • Seminar handouts in M2M file
  • Conference package (conference room, lunch and 2 coffee breaks)

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  • 08.12.2017 - 09.12.2017
  • Karlsruhe
  • 2 days (10.00 – 17.30, 8.30 – 16.00)
  • 1.280.00 € (plus VAT)

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