Mastering conflicts systemically How to add movement and achieve solutions – even in deadlock situations

10.11.2017 - 11.11.2017, Raum Karlsruhe

Conflict situations are normal and form a part of daily work life. However, they are often perceived as a danger and dealt with by means of evasion. This means that you are giving away the potential for productive confrontation and numerous opportunities for positive developments.

Due to non-solved conflicts positions become entrenched and the options for acting constructively dwindle increasingly. This results in undesired escalations.

This seminar is all about recognizing conflict signals early on, getting to know systemic solution strategies and interventions and learning to use them. You will achieve a better quality in your working relationships.

  • Differentiation of relevant conflict types
    Influencing factors on conflicts and systemic conflict solutions
    Setting up difficult conversation situations constructively and positively
    Open and productive attitudes during conflicts
    Getting to know and using systemic solution strategies and interventions
  • Understanding conflict
    Definition of conflicts
    Causes of conflicts
    Recognizing conflict signals
    Risks and opportunities of conflicts
  • Conflict and experience
    The role of inner images and (pre)judices
    Attitude and conflict
  • Conflict diagnosis
    Conflict types and deriving intervention options
    Conflict issues, procedures and parties
    Conflict constellations
    Your own (conflict) triggers
  • Introduction to systemic thinking
    Complicated and complex
    Circular instead of linear thinking
    Influences instead of causes
    Planning, control, steering
  • Psychodynamics of conflicts
    9 steps of conflict escalation
    Intervention techniques for deescalation
    Dealing intelligently with feelings: handling aggression, anger and annoyance
  • Communication and conflict solution
    Empathy – the golden key to conflict solution
    Conflict promoting vs. conflict clarifying language
    Listening actively and I-messages
    Being aware of and expressing feelings
    Recognizing and respecting needs
    Asking instead of demanding
    Coming into contact by means of questioning techniques
    Creating structure in conversations
  • Conflict management 4.0
    Systemic understanding of conflict
    From win-lose to win-win solutions
    Creative conflict strategies
    Harvard method
    Trust, contact and atmosphere
  • Working on concrete case studies
    Individual issues and objectives
    Application of systemic solution strategies and interventions
    Self-perception and perception by others
    Feedback: differentiating between observation and judgement
    Suggestions for optimization
  • Transfer planning and implementation
    Open questions
    Comparison with individual issues and objectives
    Next steps for implementation in day-to-day work
    Practical transfer tips
    Ensuring implementation
  • Interactive impulses from psychology, leadership and conflict research
  • Experience-oriented, interactive communication exercises
  • Case studies
  • Process-oriented individual, pair and group work
  • Dialogue and exchange of experiences amongst participants
  • Plenary reflection, discussion and reflecting teams
  • Short Mind&More exercises for relaxing and brain-friendly work
  • Check lists and guidelines
  • Application of metaphors, symbols and storytelling
  • Transfer planning
  • 1,280.00 € (plus VAT)
  • Participation in seminar
  • Seminar handouts in M2M folder
  • Conference package (conference room, lunch and 2 coffee breaks)

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  • 10.11.2017 - 11.11.2017
  • Raum Karlsruhe
  • 2 days (1. day: 10.00 – 17.30, 8.30 – 16.00)
  • 1.280.00 € (plus VAT)

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