Leader-ship on the island of Elba Leading successfully in all wind speeds

09.09.2017 - 16.09.2017, Elba

In this seminar you are the skipper and will directly experience the effect of your leadership – up close. For you as a leader this means undergoing a sustainable learning experience – more direct than any coaching session you’ve ever had – and often including a turning point.

The trip takes six days – to the Tuscan archipelago and your individual leadership strength. You will notice what to watch out for in your personal leadership style and what it means to be part of a complex system.

You will free yourself of having to monitor and know everything. “Line-of-sight sailing“ means being constantly confronted with new challenges: Making decisions, communicating and reflecting. This leader ship will become the guiding principle for your leadership. Important prerequisites are your desire for open feedback as well as the willingness to be confronted with conscious and unconscious behaviour patterns.

  • Clarity about the effects of your leadership behaviour
  • Situational leadership behaviour for success in your team
  • Strengthening of your leadership personality and leadership qualities
  • Maintaining a self-confident attitude even in stressful situations
  • Coping confidently with complex leadership challenges
  • Relevant leadership models
  • Feedback & practical tips
  • Leadership
    Leadership metaphors
    Systemic levels of leadership
    Leadership acronyms
  • Leadership dilemmas
    Dilemmas of leadership
    Personal decision for leadership
    “The breakthrough”
  • Leadership Basics
    Authority and acceptance
    Management vs. leadership
    Influencing variables for leadership success
    Ratio of functional and management duties
    Functional and staff responsibility
  • The world of VUCA
    Factors for the world of VUCA
    Complicated vs. complex
    System: Complexity matrix
  • Leadership 4.0
    Circular instead of linear causality
    Influence instead of cause
    Not entirely planable and controllable
    The meaning of values and meaning
  • Experience-oriented sailing
    Instructions and preparation
    In-depth inputs
  • Insights® Discovery preference profiles
    Practical exercises for understanding the Insights system
    The Insights® Discovery dimensions and colour energies
  • Application for your personal communication
    Effective communication and possible barriers
    Understanding yourself better
    Recognizing others and adapting quickly and accurately
  • Application during daily work
    Collaboration in teams
    Identifying tension areas and preventing unnecessary conflicts
    Benefits of diversity
  • My impact
    Impressions on body language, communication and voice
    Personal shadows and traps
    Speed, structure, working style
  • Enhancing the effect
    Realistic self-image
    Corresponding verbal and non-verbal behaviour
    Authenticity and the power of persuasion
  • Reaching others more easily
    Non-verbal signals of others
    Body language and voice
    Adapting to others in terms of content and structure
  • Application during team work
    Team map
    Identifying and solving conflicts
    Stress reduction
    Benefits of diversity
    Useful attitudes and approaches when dealing with "other types"
  • Practical training
    Working on individual issues and goals
    Practical case study
    Transfer planning
    Most important insights
  • Transfer planning and implementation
    Open questions
    Next steps for applying what you have learnt in your daily work
    Practical transfer tips
    Assuring implementation
  • Experience-oriented learning Interactive impulses from psychology, communication and management research
  • Insights® Discovery preference profile
  • Individual and group reflection and discussion
  • Discussion of real-life example with reflecting teams
  • Well-dosed and selected provocation
  • Exchange of experiences in daily work
  • Experience-oriented experiments and exercises (from TA, NLP)
  • Short Mind&More exercises to facilitate brain-friendly work
  • Check lists and guidelines
  • Use of metaphors, symbols and story-telling
  • Transfer planning
  • 2,450.00 € (plus VAT)
  • Participation in seminar
  • Overnight stays in double berths (single berths can be booked on request at an extra charge)
  • Seminar handouts in M2M file
  • Arrival at own expense

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  • 09.09.2017 - 16.09.2017
  • Elba
  • 1 week
  • 2.450.00 € (plus VAT)

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