Value and meaning-oriented leadership 4.0 Developing businesses in a targeted way (incl. 9 Levels of Value Systems)

18.11.2017 - 18.11.2017, Raum Karlsruhe

Predictability, consistency and transparency – professionally as well as in our private lives – is becoming increasingly rare. Prime examples of this are globalization, digitalization and disruption amongst many others.

Leadership 4.0 stands for a new way of leading others by taking into account the changed framework conditions of the VUCA Welt (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity). Previous leadership techniques, tools and solutions are failing and leading increasingly to a lack of trust. Rightly so, because linear management does not suffice to meet the requirements of the VUCA world.

In concrete terms Leadership 4.0 means leading in terms of value and meaning. To do this “9 Levels of Value Systems” provides an excellent method of orientation. This model reflects the value systems of individuals, group and organizations. It shows us the respective typical thought patterns, leadership philosophies and organizational principles.

The big picture of development becomes clear, changes and different leadership principles become understandable. The significance opens up.

  • Understanding the VUCA world
  • Deductions for Leadership 4.0
  • “9 Levels of Value Systems”
  • The big picture of development and change
  • Gaining a better understanding of corporate cultures and systems
  • The VUCA world
    Factors for the VUCA world
    Complicated vs. complex
    Systematics: Complexity matrix
  • Leadership 4.0
    Circular-causal instead of linear thinking
    Influences instead of causes
    Not completely planable and controllable
    The meaning of values and meaning
  • Introduction to “9 Levels of Value Systems“
    Benefits of value orientation
    Origins and axioms of “9 Levels of Value Systems”
    I-reference and we-reference
    Features and strengths of 9 Levels
  • Assessment of “Personal Value System”
    Analysis of personal results
    Motivation and learning
    Management and leadership
    Reflection questions
    Living environment and value systems
  • Application of “9 Levels of Value Systems“
    9 Levels in everyday life
    9 Levels in business
    Manifestations of characteristics for each level
    Case studies
  • Corporate cultures and types of organizations
    Organizations as machines, organisms, brains, cultures etc.
    Analysis of corporate cultures
    Leadership, teams, structures and culture
    Reflection questions
    Personal value systems and corporate culture
  • Successfully setting up change processes
    Social developments and corporate cultures
    The role of leaders in change processes
    Cultural characteristics and the strengths of 9 Levels
    Personal values vs. corporate values
    Solutions and the change direction
  • Interactive impulses from psychology, leadership and complexity research
  • “9 Levels of Value Systems“
  • Experience-oriented change learning projects
  • Real life case studies
  • Individual, pair and group work
  • Dialogues and exchange of experiences
  • Plenary reflection, discussions and reflecting teams
  • Short Mind&More exercises for brain-friendly work
  • Check lists and guidelines
  • Application of metaphors, symbols and storytelling
  • Transfer planning
  • 863.00 € (plus VAT)
  • Participation in seminar
  • Seminar handouts in M2M file
  • Individual profiles (Personal Value System) with 9 Levels of Value Systems
  • Conference package (conference room, lunch and 2 coffee breaks)

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  • 18.11.2017 - 18.11.2017
  • Raum Karlsruhe
  • 1 day (9.00 – 17.00)
  • 863.00 € (plus VAT)

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