High Potential Program


In an international company that develops an innovative range of systems for the medical industry, high potentials were familiarized with complex duties which require more responsibility.

Whereas professional expertise was the central focus up to now, this development program was about continuing to develop young personalities and helping them to assume interdisciplinary competencies.

The proposal offered high potentials orientation with regard to where their careers could logically go. Generally there is always the possibility to pursue a career as a specialist, as a project manager or as a supervisor.

High Potential Program

m2m consulting carried out the modules for the internally defined key competencies. Support by supervisors as well as learning partnerships and targeted transfer exercises ensured the success of implementation and a link to everyday work life.

Some of the high potentials accepted the option of supportive coaching.

In addition to the program, high-level leaders within the company were invited to evenings at the fireside.