Showing yourself and taking risks


The new leaders of this well-known supermarket chain passed through a modular leadership development programme. This programme supported participants in finding their leadership roles, in defining concrete leadership projects and leading them to success.


m2m consulting designed a 1.5-year learning programme and carried it out. The special kick was already contained in the start: The new leaders were expected to venture ahead and present themselves.

In Group 1 scripts were developed on the topic of leadership. After this, the participants produced in-house leadership films. Courage and daring to do something out of the ordinary was also required for Group 2: Here the participants tested their limits and extended them by means of a high-wire course. Both of these activities formed the basis for feedback within the group. Finally, concrete leadership projects were defined.

Through the formation of learning partnerships, the foundations for collegial coaching were laid at the very beginning. This joint form of learning was continued in the business through self-organization after completion of the individual elements. Learning continued on a new level.