In an international travel company, young talents were identified and supported on a regular basis. They had to be prepared for taking on leadership duties. It is a matter of gaining and assessing new experiences within a protected context.

For m2m consulting the challenge consisted in continuing to develop previous old-style learning through an integrated, systemic learning process. Step by step, pure seminar learning was turned into learning on the job.


However, learning continues for participants after the modules have been completed. Two factors play a central role here:

  1. Feedback:
    At the end of each module the participants receive qualified, structured feedback and work out areas of development and steps for implementation. At the beginning of the next module the experiences connected to these are reflected and evaluated.
  2. Learning project:
    The participants work on a cross-functional project which is relevant for the company. It is assigned by the board and approved at the end of the program. This creates attention, appreciation and a healthy level of tension.