Project Manager Program


When it is all about the non-routine procurement of machines and facilities, technical project managers at the international automotive supplier are faced with huge challenges:

The objective was to reach the goal – definitely and consistently. Staff wanted to be involved and disburdened at the same time. Information within the project team was to be selectively controlled but simultaneously the various interests and polarities were also to be balanced out.


Managing a project is a leadership duty of a special kind and places special demands on the leadership and communication skills of project managers.

This is why m2m consulting carried out a sound, tailormade 3-module program for this automotive supplier in order to successfully tackle precisely these duties.

The modules conveyed the necessary practical knowledge. The teams developed a mutual understanding and supported each other effectively within the concrete projects.

Furthermore, the modules provided the opportunity for consultation on real-life situations. This form of learning also holds it’s own beyond the scope of the modules and is now being very successfully continued within the business.