Specialist program


The expanding trade company wanted to make their expertise staff fit by providing them with interdisciplinary key competencies. The aim was to equip their specialists with the necessary self-confidence and tools so that they can work successfully across all functions in a fast and demanding environment.

What was required here was an eye for the bigger picture as well as power of persuasion and the ability to connect different perspectives and interests with one another.

From a corporate point of view, it was a matter of offering development perspectives to experts and generating long-term loyalty to the company.


m2m consulting designed and carried out a 2-year learning program. Five modules are obligatory for all specialists; two are chosen by the groups themselves.

Due to the Action Learning approach, the most important overriding element consisted of a practical project. Genuine challenges faced by the company were selected and worked on in small groups. The groups met regularly to exchange experiences and reflect their learning as well as their progress within the project. Finally the experts presented their results to the management. An exciting and inspiring opportunity.