Structure and Clarity

Within the context of the internal advancement of leadership culture, a medium-sized IT company carried out leadership development for approximately 10 executives.

The concept contained in the offer was presented as the basis for further decision-making and outlined 8 important elements for leadership development in the business, based on the information available. The individual elements were self-contained and achieved an excellent effect through the planned structure.

Additionally, targeted individual actions were outlined in the concept. These were available on a stand-by basis and could be used at short notice and at any time if necessary.

Suggestion for future leadership development

Future leadership development has to pick up on the results and experiences gained up to now (see point 1). It should reflect that the business wants to go its own way.

Fundamentally, the topic of leadership can be described as a dynamic happening. The individual level as well as the level of the company play an important role.

In terms of individual leaders, the following factors are particularly important control levers:

  • Self-leadership,
  • Staff leadership,
  • Team leadership.

Here we mean Ability (Knowledge), Willingness (Motivation) and Permission (Leadership of Leaders) for each level.

In terms of the business and the Big Picture, the following factors play a role:

  • Structures,
  • Processes,
  • Culture.

Here too we mean Ability (Knowledge), Willingness (Motivation) and Permission (Leadership of Leaders) for each level.

Effective leadership development is aimed at the individual leaders on the one hand, as well as at the system as a whole, the business and its leadership culture on the other.

In the preliminary interview, the starting point for a possible concept for future leadership development was provided by the following model:

The offer provided for the Leadership Development Center is based on the concept for leadership development and the request of 6 July 2016 from the company’s executive board.

In the past 12 months approximately 22 executives in the company passed through a total of 6 modules:

A Leadership Development Center was carried out to enable a potentials analysis and continued development of leaders and corporate culture.

The final decision was made by the executive board.