Student Excellence Program


An international, pharmaceutical and chemicals business set up the Student Excellence Program (STEP). It provides selected PhD students with the opportunity of writing their theses in cooperation with the company, while at the same time developing essential key qualifications.

The outstandingly qualified PhD students are systematically introduced to the business. They are able to expand their network and familiarize themselves with the corporate culture. From a corporate point of view, the aim is to place students in appropriate positions and to create long-lasting commitments to the company.

They are continually provided with support during the program and are able to compile the individual elements of their program at their discretion.

Student Excellence Program

m2m consulting carries out selected modules and coaching during the duration of the Student Excellence Program (STEP). PhD students selectively develop their personalities, receive feedback and improve their self-marketing skills within the business. The best prerequisites to take the first step of your career within the company by moving in the right direction.