Trainee Program


The trainee program at the media company provided concomitant seminars to trainees. It was their goal to find the right choice for their career entry.

The concept by m2m consulting provided these young colleagues with orientation in terms of which career path could make sense based on their personal strengths. Simultaneously their communication and conflict skills were selectively furthered within the context of the program.

Trainee Program

The program triggers confrontation with the issue of whether they should pursue a career as an expert or rather a leadership position. In addition to modules which are compulsory for all trainees, the program also includes flexible elements.

Further to the trainings, the trainees also receive comprehensive onboarding within the course of the first few work days, an individually coordinated development plan, mentoring as well as regular feedback interviews. Individuality and personal initiative are valued highly during this program. The company provides the trainees with the possibility of assuming responsibility very rapidly. A fantastic opportunity to learn a great deal in a very short space of time.

Conflict Management, Leading with Emotional Intelligence or Leadership and Communication.