Young Professional Program


Young Professionals are raw diamonds within a business. They have their own ideas and perspectives which they are keen on translating into action.

In this automotive business they should learn to accurately assess their own strengths and to identify their learning potentials and bottlenecks in due time. They should receive support for developing the skills whichf are important for their positions within the company.

Development Program for Young Professionals

m2m consulting carried out a development program with a total of four modules. The young professionals looked into the different career options that are possible within the company.

They compared self-perception and perception by others and they learned to assess their own competencies more accurately and to selectively translate these into action. They developed their communication skills and strengthened their abilities to work well in a team and deal with conflicts.

Guidance provided by their supervisors as well as learning partnerships ensured that these skills were successfully applied and that a connection was created to everyday work life.